STPI 2020

STPI - 141CheckTBC
If 14 days cough doesn’t Relieve, 1 Solution Check Doctor Immediately

This campaign solution was provided by StratX KG Media and Stop TB Partnership Indonesia (STPI). Focusing on the “Find” phase, the 141Check TBC successfully become campaign that was easy to understand for all of the people of Indonesia, preventing TBC transmission to be further spread. Through various platforms during Jan 2022-August 2022 in DKI Jakarta and West Java, this digital campaign reached more than 27.4 mio people, beyond the target of 8 mio, 15,000,000 reach of programmatic ads, 151,193 website pageviews of 150,000 target pageviews, 787 conversations on chatbot from the target of 500 conversations, with total Advertorials Pageviews 214k out of 104K total target.

Also come up with these impact: Increased Cough Awareness More than 14 Days (Online Research 28.3%, Face to face 3%) and increased Get Treatment When Experiencing Cough more than 14 Days awareness (Online Research 2.5% Face to Face 5%)

STPI is a forum for cooperation and coordination between partners, both organizations and individuals to the Government of Indonesia who has a concern for TBC prevention in Indonesia.

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